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Man with Black Frame Glasses
Glasses and Contact Lens Prescriptions

Krueger Optometry is located inside Target Optical, which offers a wide range of eyeglass frames, sunglasses, and contact lenses. 

Contact Lens Catalogue: Click Here

Eyeglass Catalogue: Click Here

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Looking for a specific brand, model, or frame style? Call 303-305-6872 to find out more!

Woman Having Eyes Examined
Urgent Care Visits

Something in your eye? Experiencing red eyes or dryness? Are you experiencing a sudden change in vision? Instead of hoping it gets better, come get your eyes checked with our same day and walk-in exam options.

Having a difficult time reading this text? Time for an eye exam!

Call us at 303-305-6872

Image by Harpreet Singh
Ocular Health Evaluations

At Krueger Optometry, we are beyond routine. 


Our eye exams are more than a refraction. We provide a comprehensive health check, retinal imaging, and optical coherence tomography on every patient. We treat your eyes like our own.


In addition to our comprehensive eye exam, Krueger Optometry offers:

  • Dry eye diagnosis and treatment

  • Cataract, LASIK, and PRK comanagement

  • Diabetic-focused exams

  • Glaucoma-focused exams

  • Macular degeneration exams

  • Soft and hard contact lens exams

  • Standard, toric, multifocal, monovision, and medically-necessary contact lens exams

  • Urgent care, foreign body removal, and other non-routine office visits

  • DMV Exams

Call us at 303-305-6872

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