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Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Krueger Optometry, we are Beyond Routine. We treat your eyes like our own.

Our eye exams are more than determining a refractive error and printing an eyeglass prescription. During your visit, we check your extraocular muscle function, pupillary reflexes, distance and near acuities, visual fields, and will prescribe multiple prescriptions for specific hobbies or lifestyle needs. We also perform a comprehensive health check of the front and back of the eye on every patient - all in just 30 minutes!

Click here to see how we use state of the art technology to provide a peripheral health check without the use of dilating eye drops. 

In addition to our standard comprehensive eye exam, Krueger Optometry offers:

  • Soft and hard contact lens exams

  • Spherical, toric, multifocal, monovision, and medically-necessary contact lens exams

  • Infant, toddler, and kid exams

  • DMV/FAA Exams

Do you have a physical or mental limitation that requires special accommodation? Are you unable to be seen during normal examination hours? Please call us so we can attempt to accommodate your situation.

Child Exams*

It is recommended a child has their first eye exam before the age of one (between 6-12 months). If there are no issues, the recommendation is to be seen again at age three and age five.

We understand a first eye exam can be scary, intimidating, and stressful for the parent and child. We strive to make these exams as fun and enjoyable as possible!

Kids under 10 years old pay $0 for retinal imaging.

*Please call our office before scheduling an exam for your child under the age of 5. This exam will take longer than our normal 30 minute slot and needs to be scheduled to reflect this extra time.

Family Glasses
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