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Urgent Care and Non-Routine Services

At Krueger Optometry, we are Beyond Routine. We believe in seeing patients for year-round care, which includes seeing patients for non-routine eye exams. 

Urgent Care Visits

Something in your eye? Experiencing red eyes or dryness? A sudden change in vision? Instead of hoping it gets better, come get your eyes checked with our same-day and walk-in exam options. Urgent care facilities and the emergency room are often not equipped to take a close look at the eyes. Seeing an eye doctor in a timely manner could mean properly catching sight-threatening conditions, resulting in a better outcome for your eyes. 

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should be seen by an eye doctor immediately:

  • Sudden redness of one or both eyes

  • Sudden, sharp eye pain in one or both eyes

  • New onset of flashes of light in your vision

  • New onset of floaters anywhere in your visual field

  • Different pupil sizes

  • Vision loss in any part of your visual field lasting more than a few seconds

  • Sudden blurry vision in one or both eyes

  • New bumps on your eyelid that are itchy or ulcerated

Non-Routine Visits

  • Dry eye diagnosis and treatment

  • LASIK, PRK, and IOL comanagement

  • Diabetic-focused exams

  • Glaucoma-focused exams

  • Macular degeneration exams

  • Urgent care, foreign body removal, and other non-routine office visits

*Please note: any non-comprehensive exam should be scheduled in person or over the phone to ensure proper time allotment. Some of these appointments may require additional time outside of the 30-minute window of a routine exam. 

Having trouble reading this? Time for an eye exam!

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