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Jennifer Krueger, OD

Founding Optometrist

Dr. Jennifer Krueger earned her doctorate from the Kentucky College of Optometry in 2020, where she gained extensive experience in diabetic retinopathy and rural medicine. She is trained in expanded scope of practice, including minor surgical procedures and laser treatments and has active certifications in dry eye treatment and myopia management. Dr. Krueger genuinely believes in the importance of healthy eyes and individualized care to meet unique patient needs.


While earning her doctorate, Dr. Krueger was Founder and President of the program’s College of Optometrists in Vision Development and was Editor-in-Chief of the website


Prior to medical school, Dr. Krueger earned a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish Language from the University of Arkansas. Following graduation, she moved to Boulder, Colorado to finish her prerequisites while gaining experience in optical retail, optometric management, and as a clinical technician across multiple types of eyecare settings. In total, Dr. Krueger has well over a decade of experience in eye care. 


Dr. Krueger is the founder and majority owner of Krueger Optometry, which leases clinical space in three Target Optical locations in Colorado – Boulder, Superior, and Thornton. Dr. Krueger also serves as the area’s Regional Mentor Doctor for Target Optical.


When not seeing patients, she spends time with her husband, daughter, and cat, and is an avid collector of anything eye related.

Jennifer Krueger

Dry Eye Diagnosis & Treatment Certified

MiSight Myopia Management Certified

"Going in to this appointment I knew I wasn't using my contacts as intended so I was worried about what the a new doctor would say. I was so happy that during my appointment I was supported and educated instead of being shamed. Everything was thoroughly explained to me, I was able to ask questions, and really hear the details of my health. This was so refreshing, and I will come back over and over again if every experience is this great. Thank you Dr. Krueger!!"
"Dr. Krueger was exceedingly friendly and comfortable to be around. She explained each step of my exam concisely and in detail, informing me of every individual exercise and what it was examining. And she had clearly come prepared, and was aware of my specific vision history despite not coming here for 2 years. It was a great exam and I’ll come back while I’m in Boulder!"
"Sadly, I usually don’t understand the lingo when I go to the eye doctor. Dr Krueger was able to explain things clearly and in non doctor-y terms."
"Dr. Krueger was friendly, thorough, and highly competent. She communicated in detail and with clarity about every aspect of the exam. I left feeling like I had never really had an understanding of my overall eye “health” prior to this exam. I hope I can count of Dr. Krueger for my future eye care!"
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